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Harmon Kardon and speed sensitive volume

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Got my MCS on 1 September and I'm working my way through the manuals. Found that there's no menu option to adjust speed sensitive volume on the radio/CD. Dealer has replaced the unit and still no joy, but then they tried out a few other cars in the workshop with Harman Kardon and found they also had no speed related volume setting. Has anyone else found this?
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stryder said:
The MINI is very square, and the upright windshield just makes a fair amount of noise compared to a sleek car, like a true sports car, or a higher priced luxury car.

Anyway, I think the MINI's quiet, especilly given its price range, but it does get louder at higher speed. Nothing to really complain about.
Most of the noise is wind generated.... from moving through the air.....not from frightened passengers I hasten to add!

The biggest culprits are the windscreen/shield and the mirrors.....

I can confirm that above 130mph the noise level does increase significantly, along with the whine from the supercharger!

Hahahahaha :D ;)

As tested on the Nurburgring!

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