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has anyone had any loud squeeky noises from engine??

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have an almighty loud squeeky noise coming from my engine near the base of the engine i reckon,it becomes louder after i turn car,my garage cant find were its coming from and its doing me head in!!:mad:
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ancillary belt

Sounds like the ancillary belt.
turning the steering (especially when stationary)puts load onto the alternator as the steering pump is electric. This would agitate an incorrectly adjusted belt.
See your dealer for adjustment/replacement.
squeak and scraping noise

I to have a squeaking/chirping noise coming from the belt area. There is also a underlying scraping noise. It gets worse when the car is warm and can get very loud, embarassing at times, sounds like a junker. Here is the wierd part. I found that when I open the bonnet and drop even a few drops of water on the belt it quiets it instantly. Like magic. It of course comes back as the water evaporates. I have taken it to the dealer twice and they say the belts are ok and they don't hear it. It is getting worse so I will take it back but it would be great to have a direction to point them in since they seem to be deaf. Could there be a bearing going out?

From your description it definatly sounds like the belt.
I used to get it on my old bmw and did the same as you. I'd pour coke over the belt though. As it dried out the sugar was left behind giving the belt some grip and it would be fine for a few days!!
Not really a recommended fix though:D
Tell your dealer that your getting annoyed by the problem and ask that they check the belt. If they say it's tight enough then request that they replace it as it's obviously failing. The tensioner may be at fault also.
If the dealer won't help, you might try a can of belt dressing. You can get it at any auto parts store, just sprays on and should get rid of the noise.
Bad Alternator

I took my MINI for the fourth time complaining about the squeak/chirping noise from the belt area (read above posts). They finally removed the belt and spun the pulleys and found the alternator pulley squeaking. They have to order a new one as well as a belt so I will have to take it back for the fifth time when the parts arrive. As far as I can tell from the posts, I am the first person to have this problem. Anyone else?
On my MCS with 900 miles I've now developed similar loud squeak.
Mysterious Noises

Just got back on a family vacation in Florida. Did not see any Minis, not even one.
Anyway, my Mini hibernated for about 8 days. I started it up as soon as I got back and I heard a couple of noises.

One is like a metal to metal clunking noise that appeared to come from the engine.

The other was a like a metal to metal screeching noise when I turned the steering wheel.

Both noises lasted for 2 to 3 seconds only. After that, I haven't heard those noises again. So far so good. Boy, talk about cold starting noises...:confused:
new squeal (& squeak subsides)

The dealer suggested I try belt dressing. I did. It was coming from the wider of the two belts - the one going to the alternator. That noise has stopped for now.

Now there's a squeal, like a VERY high-pitched whistle I hear with windows down, very noticeable on quiet country roads where the noise reflects off of guardrails and edifices.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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