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DCM said:
how do you actually upload the pics onto the unit, (i also have one), can you do it with a digital camera (still camera) ?
Yes, that's what I actually did. Most digital camera will come with a video cable (to connect to a tv screen for example), this will have a yellow cinch. Connect this cable to the HU (you may need a male to male adapter) and follow the booklet instructions on how to display / capture the picture.

REM1: You may need to connect the handbrake wire (light green) to the earth (black) first - see this post .

REM2: I used a trick to fit perfectly the HU display screen. Since it has a 4.2x1 display and digital cameras have a 4x3 display, I first deformed (shrink horizontally) the image on the camera so that when displayed on "standard2" mode on the HU (the one that deforms the image to fit the full display), after horizontal expansion it would have the correct proportions!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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