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Hi guys,

been a while since I have been on here. I think my gearbox might have gone, was driving home on Friday, when the car suddenly high revs going up a hill and seems to of popped into natural, managed to pull over and look around as I thought the fan belt had gone, looked under the car and there was a silvery looking fluid all over the bottom of the car. I set off again as the car was running and didn't seem that bad, about another 5 miles down the road it does the same from 5th gear to neutral, as I was trying to overtake had to the hold the gearstick in 5th gear, I could change down gears ok, but now 5th gear was a no no, nothing there by the looks of, so had to drive the rest of the way home in 4th gear. Does it sound like the gearbox has had it, car is a 54 plate cooper and just done over 97.5k, if so how much do you guys think it would be to fix, as at the moment I am looking at scrapping it or selling for parts, but everthing else on it is in very good condition.
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