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Headers glowing

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Fitted new engine because mine threw a rod through the block got it in and started last night run on tickover for about 2 mins and the manifold was glowing red (attached a photo) also sounds like the revs are dropping off and picking up again
Help please as never seen anything like this
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cat blocked, or you have misfires where fuel not being burnt in cylinders,, i had this on a prince engine 1,6vti and was due to inlet camshaft vvt spring fingers had fallen out of rear of the cam followers and caused the valves not to open enough and cause a over fuel issue and not enough air,
Just cut the cat off and still glowing going to check the timing and if there are any air leaks on the supercharger 👍
How’s the fueling/timing? Could be over fueling like crazy.
Just took all the throttle body and everything off as the cat was clear and the map sensor vacuum pipe wasn’t connected into the push fit properly would that have caused it
when engine leans out will cause that when fuel to air to pushed out side spectrum ,, if your running smaller ss pulley and that fault would do it even more so.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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