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Does anyone know why my heating is not working. I’ve cleaned the filter and checked the fuses.
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Is the fan not running? Or does the fan run, and it blows cold air?

What year is your car, and does your A/C control have 3 knobs, or 1 knob in the center and a whole bunch of buttons?
The fan is not running. After I cleaned the filter it worked intermittently and also sometimes my radio would not work but I have checked all my fuses.
I have one knob for my ac and the mimi is 2010
I think this will apply to your car as well,

Is your radio still intermittently not working too?

The fan motor might have worn out brushes inside, do you have a meter to test for continuity?
Thanks for your help I gave in and took it to the dealer
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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