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Hey all, folks call me Shake since I was in high school. Thanks to everyone's love of Aqua Teen Hunger Force(at the time and probably now) I have been and all always will be.

Through trials and tribulations I have been blessed with a 2012 Mini Cooper S Countryman all4 Manual. I'm a bartender in Cherry Creek and live along Colfax. I'd love to go to some meet ups and learn more about the community and much much more.

I love it so far. I live in Colorado and almost picked a mint Chrysler Crossfire. It hadn't snowed in Denver and then when I went to look at the car I came home and it snowed.

Kinda glad I didn't get it but I still want it.

I can't wait to take this little monster on many adventures. I'm including some of the photos from the ad and I plan to post more in the future.

If anyone has anylinks or advice to replace the stereo or speedo plus radio much would be appreciated or any other mod I should look into and shops that are on the up and up. I have some plans if I cant find anything super easy.

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2004 Mini Cooper R50 Chili Red, Midlands 5 speed manual
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Welcome to the forum!

I recommend getting this service manual, it only looks expensive until you get a quote from a shop! 😲😬

Another good site for looking up part numbers is and go into the BMW catalog. Put in the last 7 digits of your VIN, and the catalog shows you the parts for YOUR Mini! Put that number into the Search field of any of the vendors, ECSTuning, Mini Mania, Pelican Parts, etc. and there’s the part you need.

Strangely enough, the dealership has the best price and availability on some things, so they’re worth a call.
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