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Hello - First Mini

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Hi all, just bought a 2013 Countryman Cooper SD for a six month runaround while I wait for my EV.
Car has been owned short term by a few people now in very similar circumstances so it's had seven previous owners and I don't think any of them gave it any love.

I'm a little different to that, I've had a few cars short term and always lavished them with attention and I don't think this will be any different.

Only picked it up yesterday and already gave it a mega clean inside and out, topped up the oil as it was low, and had the AC regassed.

When the AC is switched on there is now a knocking sound which I think is the crank pulley so I have ordered one of them, bolts and a belt along with a load of filters and new oil.
The battery is also not great as its the original one so got that on order too, arriving tomorrow.

I'll keep this thread updated with my progress. If anyone is interested I have a few projects that I have done before...

My L322 Project

My Shogun Project

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Ran a diagnostic on the car and the DPF looks a little bit full so I took the car for a long run but it didn’t clear because the car has stored faults as you can see below.

Initially I thought this must be the glow plug controller but after metering the plugs out via the controller they seemed all well over resistance spec of about 1ohm.

I ordered a controller anyway but decided to take the plugs on this morning, was really stressful and I did it with the engine cold but with a 10mm deep socket and a 1/4 drive ratchet with some penetrant they eventually came out but squeaked the whole way out.

They are BERU ones so probably the original ones.

I metered them again on the bench and this is what they came back with. Shown as Cyl 4-1 here.

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