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Hi all,

Just found this forum as I looking to see if anyone had post with the same issues am having with my dad's car.

R60 2012 Countryman 1.6 Petrol N16B16MO engine code

Hesitation on acceleration mainly between 1500 - 2000 rpm, ok on the motorway.

Had some codes
27BA oxygen sensor before cat. converter, bank 2 voltage excursion
27BC Function camshaft control, exhaust, bank 2
2781 Camshaft sensor, inlet, bank 1

Swapped the camshaft sensors in/out and ran the car
Changed the vacuum pump alos

2845 vanos exhaust actuator movement
A0B0 input, brake lights implausible

Swapped the Vanos OIL CONTROL Timing Solenoids, but it ran worse I got them from ebay so thought they are non genunie so could be the issue or reading on do you need to reprogram, I now have Ista+

Car currently showing no codes, so need to give a good drive I guess?

Any advice would be great!
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