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Hello guys, new member, ABS/DSC light on

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Hello everyone,
I am Quentin, 30 y.o. proud owner of a Mini Clubman 1.6i 2008MY.
I have this car for a year now and despite an ABS/DSC issue, I am very happy of its quality, its drive and its fuel economy. I manage to have an average of 35MPG (70% city driving, the rest on country roads and highways).
I purchased the car with a triangle lights on thinking it would be a simple wheel sensor change.
I changed them all together with the brake pad wear sensors.
I also changed the brake rotors and pads, front wheel bearings, change the engine oil, transmission fluid. Working on this car for usual maintenance is quite simple and straight forward.
Regarding the ABS lights, I have these 3 following codes: brake pad wear sensors: 5DB2 5DB3 5DB4.
I changed the yaw speed sensor under the front seat (previously cleared the fault, disconnected the battery), drove it 50miles and didn't see any positive outcomes.
Do you reckon it could come from a faulty ABS module? I am also thinking of a broken cable or a bad connection, I haven't done any continuity testing so far but I haven't seen anything wrong by eye. I cleaned the conenction and use eletronic cleaner all around, left the connections to dry before plugging them back together but still the light turned back on.
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For me, there are 2 things to determine first. When you replaced the wheel speed sensors, did you use OEM or OE equivalent sensors. The reason I ask, is that cheap clone copies are rubbish and will throw random codes all the time

The next step is to check the wiring harness from the connection back to the ESP control unit - check for power, ground and any shorts or green crusties (corrosion) - do you have a wiring diagram?
Thanks for your reply.
Yes I only use quality parts. Regarding the wheel speed sensors, I purchased the Bosch parts, ref 0265 007 807.
No I don't have a diagram, would be nice if someone shares it with me or points me to it on the forum.
I have not seen any corrosion on the connections, eveything looked clean on both male and female connectors.
Well, I found the ABS module diagram hereafter: Abs wiring diagram | MINI Cooper Forum (
Will try to do continuity testing this evening and will keep you posted.
If continuity is good, could it be a yaw sensor calibration issue? Do you know my options to do so?
Could it be like learning by driving or does it require a visit to the dealership?
This is the only part I have


Hi again,
I did the continuity testing yesterday and unfortunately I haven't found any connection between the ABS module main connector and the DSC's connector.
I took this diagram for reference: Abs wiring diagram | MINI Cooper Forum (
And I realized that there is no pin 31 on my ABS module, brown cable pin 5 on DSC side.
My Mini Clubman is from 2008, engine 1.6i, is there someone with another diagram that I could use to compare and reassure myself?
I think this may be more like it - brown wire is pin 4


Awesome, thanks a lot!
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What does the Computer data lines system mean? Where do ping them? Engine ECU?
Pin 6 is ground, correct?
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On the DSC sensor (not ABS module) yes, pin 6 is ground. If I were checking that one, I would unplug it and apply a test light connected to B+ and touch the pin. I should get a bright light if it is ok.

No light = broken wire

Faint light = corrosion somewhere
Can bus lines would need an oscilloscope to check the data packages across the network - you can only check for continuity with a DVOM on those circuits. There are a few other checks such as ohms across pins at the DLC, but you need to know what to do
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your support.
Tonight I will check pins 1 & 6 and fuse f18. Then, I will see how to proceed forward and update you all.
No worries

I would check all 4 fuses shown on the PDF and make sure they are functional. I would also check the power feeds to the module and sensor to make sure there are no broken wires/green crusties in the circuit (I use a test light for this) and also check the 2 grounds on pins 13 and 38 to see if they are good
Hi again,
Just back from checking the above points.
I do have continuity between pin 1 and 6 to the fuse box. I also check the voltage and have 14.5V once the engine is on.
The fuses aren't blown, there was a thin layer of (white) corrosion that I took off.
But I still have the ABS, brake wear warning lights on. 😏
I plugged my OBD scanner and still find 3 fault codes: 5DB2, 5DB3, 5DB4 as current.
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Do you believe this is a CAN issue?
2 out of the 3 faults mention no calibration, could it be the rootcause?


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Yes I only use quality parts. Regarding the wheel speed sensors, I purchased the Bosch parts, ref 0265 007 807.
No I don't have a diagram, would be nice if someone shares it with me or points me to it on the forum.
I have not seen any corrosion on the connections, everything looked clean on both male and female connectors.
I wish to pint out, where you have quoted my posts you have edited them to include a link to another site.


@Sejanus - please can you edit it back to "normal"
Will look tonight and get back to you - does not sound right to me tho
Thanks a lot!
I did some research online and found that the SZL sensor mounted on the column could also mess with the ABS.
However, I have the cruise control, wipers working and so on so I don't think this is related to this.
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All the codes are related to the left rear sensor only - looking for another diagram now.

As you have continuity, there is no broken wire etc. We have not done a loaded voltage test to see if there are any green crusties present

Does your scan tool show live data on each of the wheels? we can use it if it does
I did have wheel speeds the other day. Will check in an hour to make sure it is still the case.
My car is LHD and I don't remember having a speed sensor on the rear left end though. What I'm sure is having one on the rear right and front left end.
It's worth noting that fuse 36 from my fuse box was linked to the DSC sensor, not fuse 35 as documented in the diagram but correctly shown on my fuse box. Is the Clubman wiring different than the hatchback? I am concerned that this wiring diagram doesn't fully match with my setup.
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