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Hello guys, new member, ABS/DSC light on

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Hello everyone,
I am Quentin, 30 y.o. proud owner of a Mini Clubman 1.6i 2008MY.
I have this car for a year now and despite an ABS/DSC issue, I am very happy of its quality, its drive and its fuel economy. I manage to have an average of 35MPG (70% city driving, the rest on country roads and highways).
I purchased the car with a triangle lights on thinking it would be a simple wheel sensor change.
I changed them all together with the brake pad wear sensors.
I also changed the brake rotors and pads, front wheel bearings, change the engine oil, transmission fluid. Working on this car for usual maintenance is quite simple and straight forward.
Regarding the ABS lights, I have these 3 following codes: brake pad wear sensors: 5DB2 5DB3 5DB4.
I changed the yaw speed sensor under the front seat (previously cleared the fault, disconnected the battery), drove it 50miles and didn't see any positive outcomes.
Do you reckon it could come from a faulty ABS module? I am also thinking of a broken cable or a bad connection, I haven't done any continuity testing so far but I haven't seen anything wrong by eye. I cleaned the conenction and use eletronic cleaner all around, left the connections to dry before plugging them back together but still the light turned back on.
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So far the DSC sensor's wiring is fine, wheel speeds sensors should be fine. Do you think it could be the ECU/ABS module?
I thought there was a brake pad wear sensor on left front and right rear, but there were wheel speed sensors on all four corners. The ECU is fussing about the speed sensor, so worth checking.

I missed the clubman, so my bad - DOH
I am back from checking what we've discussed.
Wheel speed sensors work fine, I have the same speed on all four corners.
You were right about the wear sensors. 😉👍
I removed the fault codes and read them afterwards and on top of the 3 codes I used to have, I have now 2 more about the ABS pump:
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Those 2 are 5DAA and 5DAB...
While I had the scanner connected, I checked the data from the DSC and didn't any acceleration even under hard braking and acceleration.
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Also checked the Brake fluid level OK and Steering wheel angle OK


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From the bills I got when buying the car, I see that a local shop changed the Brake fluid with DOT5.1.
Are there a few chances that they didn't do it properly and triggered this issue?
I would immediately go for a full flush with DOT4. I am sure I have rad somewhere that 5.1 can cause an ABS pump/module to play up - for the life of me, I can not think where I have seen that @mike1967 am I dreaming this? what is your view

I use a positive pressure one man bleed to do the flush
good news on the speed sensors - happy days
Interesting codes

As that module sits in the footwell, can you check there is no water damage/intrusion, or that there are no green crusties on the pins.

Will have to check wiring after thT
Hi thanks for your help.
If DOT5.1 should not be used, I have a new bottle of DOT4 and the one man bleed so I can flush the entire system this weekend.
Last week I checked the pins of the ABS module and its connector and they looked clean and applied contact cleaner as well.
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Apologies, it is DOT5 that you should not use as it is silicone based, not glycol-ether based

You will be ok - my bad - DOH
Yes, DOT5 has a very limited usage.
Regarding the fault codes, do you think my ABS module needs to be replaced?
Is this linked to not having any yaw angle speed, lat and transversal acceleration?
I am unsure on what the "supply" refers too - it may be a circuit code indicating that there is no power/ground to the control system. I am kind of thinking that as you are not getting any accel/yaw etc, I think that is where the "Supply" problem lies, and the ABS is not getting any signal. I would keep looking at the DAC sensor and check powers/grounds first

However, it could be a broken ABS, but that, for now, would be my last call
I will research along that path and I will try my best to not change and code the ABS module is not require/still functional - this is what I hope.
Do you have the wiring diagram for the Clubman though? I am not sure it is different but it was the case on the DSC sensor diagram hence my question.
Sorry bud, I only have a cooper diag - happy to share if you wish, just let me know
The only one I have is this one - same as before 🤦‍♂️


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