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Hi folks.

Ive been lurking/ searching this forum for a few months now since my step daughter decided she wanted a MINI for her first/learner car.
I found this forum very helpful for pointing out common problems and things to watch out for.
So we went to inspect a local car for sale.
An 02 plate MINI One 100k miles in a shade of light pink with black panoramic sunroof. and a fat file of receipts including a new EHPS pump 2 years ago.
The inspection showed up a few niggles but nothing major for a car of its age and price. No cam chain rattle which was my main concern as it could be cheap or very expensive with no way to tell until too late.
She test drove it and fell in love, so we brought it home.

After a few days of practise sessions I said
Bring it round and I'll give it a service.'

Oh dear.
On closer reading it turns out that the service file is for 3 cars not 1. Very few being for our MINI
Oil change was a pita; ended up removing housing from engine and bolting to bench to get a breaker bar on it.
Overheated as she got the hang of driving up ramps so new thermostat and housing. New coolant to replace the old brown pond water.
New rear pads added 2 new callipers and discs also.
Brake fluid flush as old was colour of pint of bitter.( now needs an ABS bleed to try and restore original pedal feel.)
I donated a spare set of 15" alloys with decent tyres to replace the barely legal cheapo tyres on 17" rims.
On fitting these I found it needed a new N/S outer lower ball joint and inner CV boot.
Which brings us to the current state of play.
If you've read this far, thank you.
If your interested in the next instalment I shall shortly be posting in the 1st Gen forum.

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I keep telling the lass not to worry, it will get sorted and will be great fun to drive.
Though I'm sure I've gained a few more grey hairs so far.
The last mini I worked on was a 1275 GT clubman estate 20years ago. All I had to worry about was head gasket and rear radius arm bushes.
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