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Mini countryman r60 2012 all4 diesel auto
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Hello everyone

I'm new here and not at all technical so bear with me please.

My 2012 countryman r60 all4 auto diesel smells like burning oil and smoking from the back of the engine. It's done 75k miles and I only bought it 3 months ago.

I've spent over £600+ so far trying to get it sorted. I thought it was fixed until I've driven it only 10 miles this evening and it's still doing it.

It's been to 3 garages and no one can find the source of smoke and smell apart from changing the rocker cover gasket and breather pipe (which has been done). Where else could there be a leak? I'm going to trade it in if I can't find a solution but I love the car otherwise and would rather fix it.

Any help appreciated. Thank you.
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