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Hi all.
Just joined on behalf of my wife and son as they have Minis and I'm the husband and dad that fixes them ::smile::

Anyway the wife has a 2004 Convertible that I bought for her 40th birthday. Last year we went on the Funball Rally in it touring through France, Switzerland, Italy then home through Austria, Germany, Belgium and back into France. A great holiday and car performed well through the alsp but it needed new rear brake pads afterwards.

My son is currently learning to drive in a 2002 Mini One which we bought for him. There are a few issues with it but hopefully you guys and gals can help sort. I've had to do a few jobs on it for it to go back on the road and it went through the MOT 1st time once the garage fitted a new wiper blade (I missed that)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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