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Help! anyone recommend a good Mini dealer NW UK???

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I need a good dealer to order an S from,i've got 2 near me. The one in Southport told me that classic mini owners wouldn't be in the same class or price range as a MINI. And told my friend that he should look at a MINI as a stepping stone to a real BMW !!!
The one in Liverpool isn't much better. They treat classic mini fans with contempt.
Where can I go for good service?
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You need to speak to Neo (real name Paul) at Derek Woodman MINI, Blackpool
Or MINIMARK at Bowkers (might be wrong on the name):D

Both and Neo and Minimark are apparently very good dealers...according to people how have dealt with them.;) :D :D
Halliwell Jones in Warrington are worth considering. :)
Thanx Guys!!

Thanx for the recommendation guys.I always try and do my best.:D :D
i've always recieved good support from williams in bolton
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