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Help Bleeding Coolant r50

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I cant seem to get my heaters blowing hot after a clutch replacement.

I open all three bleed screws and filled up with coolant until bubble free coolant came out of all of them.

Managed to get 4 or so litres in, i shut them all ran the car up to temp, but no coolant or air is coming out of the bleed screw by the radiator. The one by the heater matrix flows coolant, but thats it the bolt in front of the thermostat and the bleed screw by the radiator don't flow coolant or air. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Have fully removed the bleed valves in question - maybe just blocked ?.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes it turns out the heater matrix and radiator were blocked.
Glad you got to the bottom of the problem

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I back flushed the radiator and replaced the heater matrix.
Mmm, i wonder if my daughters mini has a heater matrix blocked,not as warm as I would have expected.How much are new matrix's?
Could be, these are supposed to be run on blue coolant because of the rust inhibitors. If they are run on red or if they have been mixed they tend to block up. I got mine for here for £30 but you can get them on ebay as well Heat Exchanger, interior heating RIDEX 467H0082 Core Dimensions: 202x146 — Buy now!
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