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hello people!

my partner really would like a mini and im looking to find her a nice one with in a certain budget. i dont know much about minis which isnt much help for me or you. we are looking at minis that have a sat nav in the middle console but the speedo infront of the steering wheel not around the nav it self. im guessing slightly new model?

so the main question is what would be classed as high millage? ive been looking mainly at cars under 35K but should i put this up to 50 or even 70K without worry?

anything i should be looking out for when i view?

sorry for the daft questions just want her to have a nice car that hopefully wont go wrong straight away.

looking at 5 door cooper 1.5 petrol mainly. there is one older mini countryman with the speedo around the nav screen but majority of cars we are looking at are the coopers.

thanks in advance.
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