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Hi folks new to the forum so please be gentle with me

Long story short last month my 2012 N18 JCW had a failure where coolant leaked out all over the ground when i was in a Mcdonalds drive through, i stopped the car immediately and waited (6 hours) for the AA
to come . They filled the coolant tank with water and followed me home. i then took the car to my mechanic who said the coolant temp sensor had failed. He changed it and sent me on my way. however when i got home it started to overheat so i took it back and he could not find the problem .( As you can imagine not a happy bunny ) i then had the car transported to LOHEN for them to see if they can find the issue. They said it was the thermostat housing and changed it . happy days or so i thought. I drove the car back home to London and noticed that the cooling fan is running a lot more than normal and quite loud and every time i turn off the car it stays on for 5 to 10 minutes every time. This never happened before. i called LOHEN and if i am being honest were not much help . i now worry every time i drive the car as the fan seems to be always on a lot of the time . it does go off sometimes but seems to be on a lot more than usual . So i am asking if any of you guys or girls can tell me if this is normal after a thermostat change ? kindest regards Brandon ps sorry if this post is in the wrong place but i have no idea how these forums work
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ive just had a simular thing i bought a mini cooper 2010 plate just over 1 week ago, when i drove it i heard the fan running ,checked it when i parked up and it had no water in the coolant bottle, i topped it up and it happened again. A friend came out and took the rocker cover off and the 2 small seals was burnt flat so he replaced the rocker cover gasket and all the seals and also put new plugs in as it was blowing a little white smoke, .he thought it was the head gasket but thankfully it wasnt. i have just replaced the thermostat housing including the gasket and that seems to of stopped the loosing the water. only thing is i now have a leak somewhere on the drivers side dripping on the ground and its loosing the coolant again.i have no idea what it could be .if i was you i would get some1 to check the rocker cover out to see if it is cracked or i the rubbers have worn down .that seems to of been my problem .
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