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Hi guys!!

Would appreciate some advice about choice of oil for topping-up purposes for my MC. Problem is that in the Channel Islands, no-one stocks Castrol Formula SLX, nor any Mobil oil. The only 'SLX' (0W-30) I have managed to find is through my local BMW dealer. However, this is not 'Formula' SLX. It is sold in 1 litre bottles, on the front of the bottle has the code LL01 FE, on the side has a sticker with the words "This oil is extremely advanced and is only suitable for use in BMW Valvetronic engines". The rest of the info on the back is in german! However, it does say "Freigegeben nach BMW Longlife-01 FE", presumably meaning that it is BMW Longlife-01? It does not have any other codes on it bar that statement.

I called Castrol tech. line and was told that the oil could be used in the Mini. I was told that it's slightly more advanced than the Formula stuff and not to worry about it?! I mentioned the warning sticker on the side about valvetronic engines, but was told that this simply meant that the oil was advanced enough for valvetronic engines, but could be used in the mini engine, albeit being a bit too good for the engine.

My problem is: if it states that the oil should only be used in BMW Valvetronic engines, would you put into your engines? (What is a valvetronic engine?) If it's slightly more advanced than the Formula stuff isn't that probably a better thing?

If not, can anyone recommend other oil? I can get Castrol Magnatec over here - no probs. I could also get Ford Motorcraft oil here too. What should I do??

Also, by putting 0W-30 oil in the car rather than 5W-30, am I in danger of invalidating the warranty should anything go wrong with the engine as a result? Should I really only stick to 5W-30 oils?

PLEASE could I have some advice guys here about this.

P.S. Called a oil supplier in the UK to ask about having Formula SLX posted over. I was told that it only comes in 4 litre bottles and would cost £20 in postage costs!!! Can you get it in 1 litre bottles? Sorry, but with the price it is anyway, can't afford to get it posted over!! :confused: :confused:

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There is some info on suitable oils in the FAQ section.

But I'm a little confused too. The FAQ says to use 5W-30 but my dealer says 0W-30. In fact she gave me a free litre of the stuff with the car! So will it invalidate the warranty? I don't think so since my dealer recommends it. Perhaps it's different in different countries/climates?

Not much help, huh?
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