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I am soooooooooooooo disappointed!!! I bought some racing stripes from cooperflags which duly arrived... did my homework, found the stripe fitter used by our local MINI garage.... showed them the stripes... showed them photos of what i wanted the finished result to be... left car with them for them to fit said stripes..

Went back 3 hours later only to find that they hadn't done the stripes because "it involved cutting round the mini badge"... not best pleased :mad: :mad: as I'd taken time to show them the car/the stripes/the photos before i left the car!! after a little "discussion" i left with them having recompensed me for my taxi fares.. But of course net result is:

i (still) have no stripes on my Car... :(

Can any recommend a company - preferably not toooo far from Portsmouth but i'll travel if necessary - who would fit my stripes?
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