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Help needed with lowering springs!!!

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i have a set of spax lowering springs model S044000. I bought these off ebay last February and was told they would fit pre02 ones. I'm pretty sure I checked the spax online catalogue ( then, and confirmed they would fit.

Now I have eventually bought all the tools needed and found a garage to get down to business. Having removed the front driver spring first (to see if i could do it as i was told it was the hardest one), I now find that the new spring doesn't seem to fit!?!?

The spax springs on that website are model S044002, which according to the latest online spax catologue, are the only springs (along with S044001) that fit. There is no record of the ones I bought anywhere!

Even so, the S044002 springs in the photo look identical to mine. Mine don't fit at the top of the springs as they are too narrow to fit the wider rubber pad and metal plate flush into it. If you look at the photo, the front springs (the fatter ones) are thin at both ends. When you try to put it into the strut, the bottom kind of fits (it sits ok-ish on the rubber stop, but leans to one side, whereas the factory spring fits better onto the rubber, and stand straight up), but there is no way of getting the top of the spring to align around the metal and rubber plate and pad which dip in the centre. The spring is too narrow to let the top of the strut sit flush in it.

hope this all makes sense!!??

Please if you know whats wrong, reply asap as my car is in bits in the garage and I need to pick my parents up from the airport in 12 hours!!!!!!!

thanks for reading all the above,


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BMW screwed me again?

I have a feeling that my second hand, early model mini may have had the left hand pull fix by the previous owner? Does this mean that pre02 suspension would have been replaced by post02 suspension??

Does anyone have photos or model no.s of old or new suspension? Or photos of springs used on old or new style suspension?

My front driver strut has the following markings:

RB3, 14.10.02C, 22190846 027, 31.31-6, 759418, E2190052, F-79....seems like a lot of numbers for one strut!

damn idiot

my suspension seems to be Mk2 type. Great. Anyone bought new style lowered suspension incorrectly and wanna swap with my old skool type?
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