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steering knock

I have had the same problem with my '02 MC, from day one.
At one stage the steering was so bad, it was not only knocking but a grinding and this was not only when the car was cold!
over a period of a year the car was in and out of the MINI dealership and over time i had 7 new steering wheel colums and 4 steering racks. i had a senior tech from plant oxford come and look at the car bit they could not find a single problem with it. then after a year I went to another dealership and there they said it was a steering bolt, this did not fix the problem.
then after all this i managed to get commpensation from BMW GB, but even now the problem is still around, but only very very lightly, but its o.k., but now there si a probloem with the suspension !!!!!!!! :( :( ahahah :mad:
any way after all this time the car is fine and fixed, so the moral is persist this problem can be fixed! but be persistant, the steering on a car is really important and ,make sure the MINI dealership do it properly!

March 2005 MC SC - Hyper Blue, Chili Pack, Dark Blue Roof, Dark Blue Gravity leather, Heated Seats, H/K Speakers, Sat Nav, MSW, DSC, Elc Fold Mirrors, heated Washer jets, Vis pack, CD, Radio Boost, Bonnet stripes, Bullet wheels, Spot lights, First aid and triangle, Pass airbag deactivation,TLC, Wind deflector and JCW Kit
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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