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Help ! Power steering issues

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Hi I’m really hoping someone can help me.

I’ve recently brought a 2005 automatic mini one. I drove it home and when I went to reverse into my drive the steering was very heavy. I rang the man who I brought it off as he’d given me 28 days warranty for the engine and gear box for him to say it’s not his problem and doesn’t come under the warranty as it’s not part of the engine 🤔
I looked online for a replacement and it’s £350+ with the cost of someone to fit it.
move managed to find one from a breakers yard for £76 so just need someone to fit it.

my main question is will the car be ok or am I looking at the pump going again and would it be better to spend the £500+ to get a brand new pump and have a garage for it?

I need this car running ASAP for my job as an end of life carer so can’t have this car breaking down on me.
I’ve looked on loads of forums and I’m more confused now so any advice would be amazing
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Ring your local garage. Its a generic job that they will be able to do.
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