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Hello everyone! I recently was curious and opened the fuse door located in the passenger footwell. I saw a trail of white dust coming from above down onto the fuses. I realized it was water residue and had a MINI heart attack lol I don’t have a sunroof so it can’t be that. The only 2 things I can think of is the battery cover had a tab broken. (Maybe water went tru the seal on that)? I also went thru a car wash like the ones that spray underneath. I went really slow to try and get my monies worth, maybe it was too high of pressure? I don’t know. Have any of you had this happen? What other components could I look at? I also remember that after the car wash the radio turned on by it self so idk but no other problems.

I've attached some Pictures of the Cowl Tray and the Battery cover (Broken Clip)

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