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Hi! I own a 2006 R50 with over 140,000 miles and I like it a lot. But, the other day as we were driving on the I-5 rock hit the car and we couldn't distinguish where. No crack on the windshield so we assumed it was probably body panel. Few minutes later, it turned up to be the smaller (stationary) roof glass as it presented a hole but it didn't shatter completely so I was able to duck-tape it.

I called dealership and they said that glass is part of the entire assembly and cost for repair will be $1,942! There is no way I can afford that so I'm reaching to this community for suggestions and knowledge about how to do it myself or if there's a place I can have it done for less money. (BTW, I'm in Portland, OR)

Thank you all in advance!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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