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Top Gear tonight your chance to save a Legend 407ARX the Mini Cooper that took Paddy Hopkirk to 6th on the Monte Carlo Rally in 1963. There are 5 interesting cars to be saved but this one is the reason we drive Minis today. Its the least we could do for one of our relatives. Its a Cooper not even an S and its the car that Paddy Hopkirk became Known in.

Top Gear says

This week on Restoration, you can choose to save the Paddy Hopkirk Mini. And while the Mini Cooper itself isn't the rarest of cars, most can't claim to have changed the face of rallying. After all, before Paddy showed the world what you could do in the housewives' car, all the other rally vehicles were big and bulky. You could even say that it's this car that made the BMW Cooper Mini of today such a success. However you look at it, this is truly a car worthy of saving.

If you want to vote for the Mini, or any of the other featured cars, call 09011 110 835 and follow the instructions, calls cost 25p and lines close at midnight on the 12th of December. When you call you will be given the option to answer this question: "Which Italian car manufacturer has a prancing horse as its logo". The winner will get a VIP day out at the Top Gear track. The results and winner will be announced on the 19th of December.

09011 110835 and press 5 then try and win stuff

This should maybe be in classics but its to important and it would be on its **** down there
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