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okay, this is a non-winning battle for me and i need your help. I will summarize this as quickly as possible.

Mom of twins, drives a Toyota Highlander (wonderful; reliable; great for family). I have carted around every baby device(x2), the monster of a stroller and drove that mini-van.
I am turning 30, my children are turning 5, I am going back to work and really want a car, i like. No just for the practicality of it.

Is your mini-cooper a crappy car? Is it in the shop endlessly? No, seriously, is it? I will not have time for it.
I'd be very happy driving a mini cooper (4 door- hard top) or the Countryman. Used, 30,000 miles. Would love to drop my payment.

Used as a family car anyone?

Hard Question: crash rating its a 4. Is that a high 4? Or a low 4?

We have a close friend/client that owns a high-end car dealership and hes giving me the big N-O

Thanks :) Drive on Snazzy people!

Sour Mash
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My mini has been in the garage for about 10 days of the last 14 months so about 2.5% downtime (note this includes regular services (I take it to the garage for this) as well as faults)

Are you from the UK or US or somewhere else?

If you want to get the best safety rating for your children you have to get in the SUV wagon (literally lol) so go for the Countryman
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