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Hi.. looking some for advice on recent issue with mini. I recently purchased a 2006 base model mini convertible. The carfax was pretty clean, and mini had about 120,000 miles on it. I bought it from an independent dealer an hour from my home, and drove back from there, and around town for about a week with no issues. I took it to the mini dealership about a week later as it was due for an oil change, and wanted them to do an overall inspection. They of course found some things that needed repair, so I proactively took care of them all. One of the services they performed was a coolant flush. When they were done with service items, I drove home from the dealership which is about a 40 min drive. When I got to my driveway, I noticed their was smoke coming from under the hood and it began to make a loud, bubbling gurgling sound. I shut the car off and let it cool down. When we were able to open the hood, we found the coolant expansion tank empty and the cap off and sitting off to the side. The dealership was admittedly rushing to get my service complete, and I believe they either forgot to refill the expansion tank and left the cap off. Or, they refilled the tank and left the cap off. To avoid any potential further damage, my mini was towed back to them and they have since tried to repair twice, with no success. First time they replaced the thermostat after they said they found a “hairline crack”, then replaced one of the fans. Those services were done at no charge based on the above situation. My mini is still overheating after two attempts to repair, And they are now saying that although there is no external leak, the water pump is bad, and needs to be replaced. They are asking that I pay 50% of the cost. My question is, by them either not replacing the cap on, and/or not refilling the expansion tank after the flush was performed... could either of those scenarios have damaged the water pump if that is what the problem really is? I don’t feel I should have to pay for repairs that potentially could be a result of something they did or didn’t do, so are looking for some advise. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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