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Hello All,
Been absent from this forum for some time, but hoping to get some help!

I have an Insurance written off CAT B Mini, Inspired by Goodwood. Chassis, engine and auto-transmission box are not salvageable and must be crushed.

The salvage company my insurer provider used (who have the car in possession) are only willing to pay £400 or return the vehicle to me. Obviously I think that is a ludicrous amount for a car which has floor mats which cost in excess of this.

Not being the specialist I neither want the salvage to be returned or let go at such a low value, is there anyone on this forum with links to specialist MINI breakers who may be able to offer me a little more for the vehicle? The interior is intact apart from the steering wheel and passenger side dashboard air bags having gone off. The car has keys and practically every option under the sun.

Please, genuine responses only - I am only interested in moving the vehicle on, nothing else.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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