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I have some issues with a R50 from -02. The main symtoms is the following:
  • A "scraping"/"grinding" noise when in gear, especially in the lower gears
  • The noise disappears when press the clutch down
  • The noise disappears when put in neutral
Based on that, would your best guess be the gearbox (possible some bearings) or the clutch release bearing?

I also have some issues when the car goes up to normal temp, after say 20 min of driving, the clutch starts slipping when I give the car a little bit more throttle. This is accompanied with a leakage of oil which MAY be from the clutch/transmission (will check on a clean engine this afternoon to try to pinpoint the leak). Someone said that it might be the slave cylinder.

Not sure what is what orwhich faults are connected so I need some help wrapping my head round this one.

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I would definitely point to the clutch, but if the clutch is leaking could be the cause of slippery. (if the clutch material is in touch with oil you are force to change it anyway)

Is a hydraulic clutch? Normally Hydraulic clutch use a fluid similar to the break fluid so easy to identify, in other cases I have seen some with Hydraulic oil (normally red color like the one use in the steering) if the leak that you see does not fit with any of this description than could be trans or the engine but engine should be able to identify from the outside as source.

Under any way if the clutch is slippery you will be force to split the trans from the engine, but judging by the comments I would not point the transmission, When you move the car in a low gear at the moment that you press the clutch you are separating the engine from the transmission but the transmission will keep running trough the wheels of the car so if the sound disappear when you press the clutch (and the car is moving) you should move on to split the trans and replace clutch, press and bearing. Once is open you will have better view to find the possible leak too.

Not sure if this is really helpfull but I'm sure that I can support more if you provided more details :).


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