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Hi, I am a big MINI fan and new member to MINI2, and need your help for my product study report on the MINI, that I need to complete as part of my A-level Product Design coursework. I have produced a questionnaire, which I would really appreciate responses to, in order to help me to get a quality result. It shouldn’t take long and would be a big help to me.

If you contact me by e-mail at [email protected] I’ll send you an Excel attachment that you can easily fill in.

As an alternative, I have put a copy of it in a slightly different format below, so that you can reply answering in the forum as described.

To do it this way:
·Put the question number followed by the letter of the answer that you want to give for each question, eg. 1a 2c…
·Where there are two answers, just put the two letters after the question number in the correct order, eg. 4gb.
·Where there are written answers, please type them after the relevant question.
·For question 7, where a score out of ten for each factor is given, can you put the question number, followed by each letter with a score number after it, eg. 7a7 b9 c10…

I think that covers everything, and thank you very much in anticipation.


1. What sex are you?
a) Male
b) Female

2. Which age group are you in?
a) Under 20
b) 21 – 35
c) 36 – 50
d) 51 – 65
e) 66+

3. Which model MINI do you have?
a) One
b) One D
c) Cooper
d) Cooper S
e) One Convertible
f) Cooper Convertible
g) Cooper S Convertible

4. What is its year/registration?
a) 2001/Y
b) 2001-2/51
c) 2002/02
d) 2002-3/52
e) 2003/03
f) 2003-4/53
g) 2004/04
h) 2004-5/54
If an 04 or 54 plate, is it the facelifted model?
a) Yes
b) No

5. How long have you owned your MINI?
a) 0 - 6 months
b) 6 months -1 year
c) 1 year - 2 years
d) 2 years - 3 years
e) 3 years +

6. What was your main reason for buying a MINI?
a) Appearance/Styling
b) Drive/Handling
c) Practicality
d) TLC Servicing costs
e) Good reports (Car of the Year etc.)
f) Individuality/customisation
g) Upgrading from old style (classic) Mini
h) Other
If other, please state:

7. How do you rate your MINI’s:
(Please give each of these a score out of 10, 10 being best & 1 being worst)
a) Value for money?
b) Styling/aesthetics?
c) Drive/handling?
d) Ride quality/suspension?
e) Performance?
f) Fuel economy?
g) Practicality?
h) Customer service?

8. How would you class the main use of your MINI?
a) Solo driving
b) Driving with partner
c) Family use with children

9. Is your MINI the main car in your household?
a) Yes
b) No

10. Have you owned a MINI before this one?
a) Yes
b) No
If yes, which model was it?
a) One
b) One D
c) Cooper
d) Cooper S
e) One Convertible
f) Cooper Convertible
g) Cooper S Convertible

11. Would you buy another MINI?
a) Yes
b) Maybe
c) Unsure
d) Probably not
e) No
If not, why:

12. Have you had any problems with your MINI?
a) Yes
b) No
If yes, please detail below:

13. Do you own or have you owned an old style (classic) Mini?
a) I currently own one
b) I have previously owned one
c) No

14. Any other comments related to your MINI, such as things you like, things you would like to change about it, or comparisons to your old style (classic) Mini? Please detail below:

Now what have I done????
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Will you accept "foreign" replies, Matt/

And will you publish your findings on
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