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I´ve been checking this board since I ordered my Mini on June 2004. I find it very informative. Mini owners are very nice people!!

After four months, my 2005 MCS is finally here. You can see the pics in my gallery. It is a Black one with white roof, S-lites and stripes. There are not many options available for us to choose here in Argentina. Anyhow, our Minis come almost fully equipped (xenon, moon roof, radio boost w/CD, manual A/C, 3 spoke multifunction steering wheel, 17 inch S-lites, etc). I even got DSC, thanks to some friends at BMW (only ASC is available around here - I believe mine is the only DSC equipped Mini in my country!!).

Mi other car is a 2001 BMW 330Ci with staggered 18 inch rims, but I find the Mini much more fun to drive. It corners much better than the Bimmer. But it is also MUCH more uncomfortable over rough roads...

I´ve only done 900 km in the Mini yet, mostly on highways at around 4000 rpm (+/- 150 km/h). The engine pulls strongly from very low revs, and it is quite thirsty : got an average of 12.5 l/100km. That´s what I get from my 330 when cruising at 180 km/h!! A bigger fuel tank would be welcome, as I usually travel 370 km to get to the family´s beach house on week-ends, and my Mini´s range will not be enough at a 180/190 km/h cruise speed.

I was very surprised to feel that the Mini is not affected by strong crosswinds. Sadly, head winds do affect both consumption and noise levels significantly. That doesn´t happen on my 330.

The steering feel of the Mini is great and the steering wheel´s grip is even better. The best I´ve had so far.

I love the small details that make it so familiar to my Bimmer, particularily the way the doors shut close. It is exactly the same clunk and feel of the E46 coupe door, on a car costing half as much.

Sorry for my long post, but I felt the need to share with all of you my experience. I can now understand why everyone around here is so passionate about their Minis.

Happy motoring!!

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