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Hey. So fun to be a new owner of a Mini Cooper

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Hi. Like a lot of others, I recently bought a Mini here in Norway and is interested in diving a bit further into both the community and Mini's in general.
I got a blue 2011 Mini Cooper S Coupe, and so far it is a hoot to drive. Not overly fast, but quick enough to put a smile on my face and it seems the handling is absolutely top notch. I usually doesn't like the phrase "handles like a go kart", but it's hard to not make comparisons as it's just so tight and precise.

There are some features I would appreciate some guidance on though:

- If I want to buy parts what would be the best place other than a dealership? I'm thinking things like stripes or different bits and pieces. It originally came with stripes but they have been removed and I'm contemplating putting some back on. Any tips btw? Two black stripes, or perhaps one bigger one? Mini's come in all kind of different stripe-configurations.

- It was a bit difficult to connect my phone to the bluetooth, but I did manage to make it work. But for some reason there is no sound. Might there be a step I missed or perhaps something is wrong?

- Is there a way to adjust the increase/decrease of the cruise control to 2km/h rather than 1km/h?

- Is there a way to make the infoscreen dark when not needed?

- Can the start/stop-function be permanently disabled? Not a feature I appreciate all that much.

- For some reason the passenger side window goes down in auto, but not up. Is that just how they are?

- I have tried to find out production numbers for this car (regular, S and JCW), but it has eluded me so far. Does anyone know? I don't know about other countries, but here in Norway they are incredibly rare. I have seen more Murcielago's and McLaren SLR's than Cooper Coupe's.

- And due to the (at least my perceived) rarity of this car, could this be a future classic? I know the JCW will probably be the one to drool over, but it seems to me that a lot of sporty cars with a manual gear is slowly creeping up now. And if so, how would a chip tune affect the value if I were to be tempted to have a little more power?

Sorry for dumping so many inquiries on everyone all at once, but my curiosity got the better of me and I haven't been able to find out on my own. If anyone know feel free to share the knowledge.

I will say though, that even though I really like this car, the lack of an oil temperature gauge is absolutely puzzling to me especially since it has a turbo. Anyone else who find that a bit weird?
Also not the biggest fan of the doorhandles. They seem to pinch me every time I try to open the door. Probably just clumsy technique though.


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