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Just thought id say hi.
i have a 106 rallye at the moment with the 1600 8v lump dropped in it, i have just got a 15.1 1/4 at santa pod and decided as its 14 year old its time for a change.
one of my friends has a cooper s with the stage 2 220bhp kit and has just ran a 14.9 and im in love with it.
not just the sound and speed of the thing but the rest of the car, the interior and build quality is fantastic.
obviously at 18 im struggeling with a quote as unlike my current car it will be on the log book with the right engine.
so based on thisi have decided to go for a cooper.
just thought id let you all know i arent some chav and am genuinley into my cars.
hopefully ill have one within the next week or so but can anyone give me any suggestions on what to look out for, i have around 7k to spend.
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