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2016 Clubman SD
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Hi folks

Just a little intro. I'm from s.Wales, not far from Cardiff (spit!). Bought a (F54?) 2016 Mini Clubman SD back in April (I think. When you get to my age months just roll into each other!). It's got the 8 speed auto box with flappy paddles. It seems it's pretty well spec'd and has nearly all the toys I wanted. Unfortunatly no HUD, sunroofs or roof bars but I can live with that. First purchase for it was a copy of BimmerCode as I wanted the mirrors to fold automatically (yes, I'm sad) and a copy of BimmerLink to see if it had any fault codes stored. So far it's fine. As I'm on the subject, if there's anyone in the Rhondda Cynon Taff area that needs anything 'coded' give me a shout. I do work away a lot but if I can help I will :) It's the daughters fault that I've got the Mini. She's had one for years. I didn't realise just how much bigger the Clubman is until they were parked next to each other.
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