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Hi from Manchester!

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Hi, I'm Max, and I'm from Manchester.

I'm currently minding an R53 I was tasked with selling, however I like it more than my Volvo C30 so I think I'll be keeping it, pending the results of an MOT, and fixing a few niggles it has - I think the most annoying will be the dead HK amplifier meaning no radio...


It's a very well specced example, sunroof, xenon lights, HK upgrade (broken), climate, heated screen, blue leather, originally had an MD player (now has a Boost CD), satnav (working!),.. it goes on. It's been well cared for but is a little rough externally, something I hope to improve on a little, but as a daily driver I'm not too concerned about the outside.

My mum also has an almost as high spec R56 S, albeit automatic (boo!):

this is the only picture I have, it looks pretty much the same now, but it has some black Team Dynamics wheels (sold the Web Spokes as they were split rims that'd been powdercoated without splitting and corrosion was setting between the lip and face and lifting the powdercoat, new wheels worked out cheaper than a split and refurb) and pressed plates. Lounge leather inside, black with cream piping, piano black dash with cream Colour Line, it's a lovely thing. Has pretty much everything spec wise except auto climate, nav, and the HK upgrade.
Oh, and it's only done about 30k.
Before that she had a very oddly specced R56 Cooper, it was red with white roof and mirrors, Chrome Line exterior, factory window tints, but on 15" wheels, and the only interior options it had were the mood lights adjustable passenger seat, auto climate, and an automatic gearbox. Weird.
It had the basic two spoke steering wheel - it's the only automatic Mini I've ever seen that didn't have the paddle shifters specced!

If anyone knows anything about the HK amplifers on R53s I'd be keen to talk to you. :)
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