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Hi I’ve just bought a second hand Mini Countryman

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Hi just about to buy one it’s 2012 but now petrified after reading about the engine failing etc and tyres blowing all the time

just want a reliable car
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the cars i dont see much with problems is honda they seem to be good,, vw and bmw products all seem to go down some silly routes almost like they all got together in germany and agreed to design stuff to fail and to evenly as bad it would seem to me, merc are very good but electronics can be a minefield.. mini are 100.000 miles and need some love i would buy something with ultra low miles or something that has been done,, ie if n47 diesel with 80k ish that had chain kit done with proof, also petrol cooper s ones are the best the later n18 engines is better than early n14 engines bit all suffer chains and other stuff so i would rather buy one that has had all that done or buy at cheaper price and do it all. i'm in middle of doing a fait abarth at mo owner old ;lady driven under 2500 revs all its life 2010 30,000 miles and smoking using oil , i found all the bores were shiny glazed and all valve stem seals rock hard some pic below of it,, the other day had a vag tfso engine doing same trick and timing chain was done by 60k as well
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I went back in the purchase of 2012 Countryman because of this n57 engine failure today. Disappointing that bmw has this built in obsolence but I’m not biting a car where the engine might explode
not much on the road these days that last the day has gone and plastic and emissions devices on all cars the makers can blame emissions for engine failures etc,
I seem to remember diesel cavaliers running for 200k
i bought bmw diesels from 1989-2007 my last one was n47 diesel and lasted under 70k beofre chain went, the pre 2007 diesels started to get worst from year 2000 when e46 replaced e36 as swirl flaps and plastic inlet were used,,, where the early e36 325tds and 320td were bullet proof,, my 325tds was a work hack bought it with 80k on clock 3 years old kelt it 10 years was mapped and driven so hard even had a car trailor behind it sold it to my mate at 230k still running well and still on factory timing chain and same engine ,, he kept it untill 320k before the bottom rad hose failed and cooked it solid, i'm doing engine rebuilds on 10 year old cars with under 80k as a common thing and its not just mini or prince engines its vag stuff as well Nissan use Renault drive line same thing turns to shit really fast,, even merc have stopped using double dulpex timing chains and use thin shite ones built to fail i believe,, as a out of time engine drive for to long like that destroys the cat and 02 sensors and even damage the bores they glaze up and piston rings and valve stem seals gets over cooked by retarded running where fuel mixture is rich all the time etc,,, i can tell now when a mini has a timing chain issue by live data run and coolant sensor where the temps sensor reads on a road o drive a lot for test drives ie they run hotter for longer time and when hit a hill gutless at top end,,, god think i have been doing these cars for long lol
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I’m going to get a 2014 Honda Civic 1.6 diesel it’s all I can afford
I’m going to get a 2014 Honda Civic 1.6 diesel it’s all I can afford
very good car my daughter has a 2018 4 door civic 1,6dtec i know she batters it a lot never misses a beat good on fuel,, throw a good map on them and they are amazing go very well and loads of low down grunt, that 1.6dtec engines is a total peach just do 10k oil and filter changes will do big mileages without trouble,, if i were looking for a good reliable car thats what i would buy honda seems like they are last car makers to just build it fairly
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