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Yes I am aware that it should of had a full mini service history and come from a reputable dealer, but none the less I didn’t, the issue l have is that I have replaced The vanos sprockets and valves the timing chain various sensors map o2 eccentric shaft, due to timing issues and various other faults, I now have a p1105 pressure differential fault ( map replaced) any ideas as to the cause, ( I have replaced the stem seals due to smoke they where buggered) is it possible that the cat is faulty, please no lecturing
Most likely smoke was due to the oil getting on exhaust vales and clogging CAT, CAT gets hot and burns oil and you get smoke from exhaust. planty of videos on youtube how to test cat using infrared termometr or look at live data of the O2 sensor
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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