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Hi All first post alert

So my normal daily is golf R

but picked up a 2005 cooper R50 to tinker around with needs a few things doing to it first thing was water in the boot and think i have found the issue as water was coming in via the clips that hold the chrome band on the lower section of the rear screen and via the boot handle gasket seal seems to have worked but if it fails i will replace with new parts
done a few things to it over the last week as the weather was nice replacement head unit and de chromed using plastic dip awaiting to arrive union jack in black and grey door handles and wing mirrors i need to put a light tint over the rear lights and maybe the fronts but not sure on the fronts tbh (it works well on the R tho)
few niggles i need to look at
passengers window clunks around 6" down still works fully just the clunk noise
repair alloys light kerb marks on 2
replacement rear bumper as there is a few deep marks and knocks on it
few stone chips to sort out
a small scuff on the front bumper to fix
small dent on bonnet just below drivers light / wheel arch
missing passengers fog chrome surround (and then plastic dip both)
other than that its a pretty enjoyable car and will get a full machine polish once the above issues are done
awaiting a rear wiper bung so ignore the gaffer tape at present :)
i am sure i will be asking more questions as the mini is new grounds to me
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