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Hi there my name is ryan i am a new member i have recently bought a 2002 mini cooper s , it has 97000 on the clock and i was told it has had a super charger service and timing chain done . I have loads of recepts for all the work done ovee the years from all owners and regs but no proof on paper of this woek is there any way i can tell this ? I have never owned a bmw mini before so is there any little neat trick i need to know about ? Also i am from a place in england called northampton ? i bought the mini cheeo as the owner thought the gearbox had gone and i suspect its just a slave cylinder so payed next to nothing for it ? . One thing i did notice is i was told there is a cd multi changer in it bit cant see one just a tape player and when i put the iginiton on there is like bangs from the speakers ? I was also told if i unlock it with the key blade (as the fob doesnt work ) i dont put the key in the igintion in 2 mins the alarm will trigger is this true ? Nice to meet you all and any help is helpfull ?
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