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Hi, and thanks for the add to the forum.
I have just bought a Mini One Cooper as my daughter's first car. I have no experience of Minis (well, not of the modern Minis at any rate), so suspect I will be a regular visitor to the forum for help and advice. I chose a Mini One as I felt it had a more substantial body for protecting the occupants compared to the smaller (cheaper!) first car choices - hopefully it will be more reliable as well. The car is a 3-door 1.6 Cooper (I will fill out a more technical description in my profile once I have collected the car and understand some of the finer points of the nomenclature). Initial thoughts (as a Saab fan) were favourable - it's 17 years old so I am expecting to have to do some work on it to fettle it for her.
Looking forward to researching various details on the forum - the (single) key doesn't operate the remote central locking, so that will be one of my first doubt more will follow...
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