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I thought I would post this as may help others in the future. We have a 50000 mile Cooper S 2010.

It went into limp mode with low fuel rail pressure fault code P0087, it was at its worst on cold starts going into limp mode even if I had cleared the code the previous day. Initially once warm I could reset it and it would drive normal all day till next cold start when the cycle started again.
After about 200 miles it would shudder and misfire under load, this brought up P0302. Cylinder 2 misfire. It ran very poorly then till code was cleared.

I asked for help on here as i thought it could be the High pressure fuel pump. It was also pointed out to me to have the cam chain checked at if stretched could cause same issue as idle gets too low.

My garage agreed with what Mike told me on here but said they felt the pump was the issue but that they felt the chain and tensioner etc should Be replaced within another 15000 miles which I will.
So pump replaced yesterday. I used a Peugeot Citroen one as it's over 200 quid cheaper than buying from Mini .

And it's cured both faults and codes, it now on cold starts idles around 1100 rpm and the car generally drives much smoother.

An expensive fix for sure but it's mainly parts ,it's not a big job on the labour side.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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