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hi mike
I understand that mate, I just cant get any info as to how why and how to fix...
The ecu as gone into emergency mode and thinks something is wrong....
no lights no messages nothing ,Runs like gazelle being chased by a lion.
The car as had a following.
1x new fan correct to match for vehicle from a pretty decent parts specialist
1x thermostat housing Genuine with sensors
air con pressure sensor
flushed and re gassed not that it needed it.
coolant system filled and bled correctly
Ive had 4 x diagnostics on it and nothing....
I even managed to get my hands on a fuse board for my car with matching numbers and still the same problem.?
re fitted original and still the same.
Ive disconnected the air con compressor and put 12 volts through it and compressor clutch works
somebody some where must have had this problem?
Thank you

sorry for the rant ,its been two weeks and a lot of money sunk in it.
im getting to the petrol can part:mad:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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