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I had my pulley changed this saturday, with an adapted software

done by and

my car is like new.. it's running much smoother, revs better and is a blast to drive ..

161 kW on the roll.. going way over 270 km/h on it and did a GPS mesurement on the autobahn of 250+

all in all it costs 650 euros ( with TÜV) and an additional 170 for the insurance and guarantee until 100.000 km's and 2 years

oh and as for quality and "renomée" .. : in my TÜV papers it said : Hartge... and when I asked ybout it ... well they told me that they did the Hartge conversion for them ( hitec is a supercharger development company )...

now I knew why there were 3 Hartge BMW's standing in the garage there and the Hartge 5.0 V8 was there too..

:D perfect..
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