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HK Amp

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Is their anyway to adjust the HK amp to make it louder?

If not can it be replaced with a more powerful amp?

If so, does anyone have a suggestion of what to buy?

I know these speakers can handle more sound then I am getting out of them.

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hk interface

u can get an hk interface of mickeythemini on hear and get an aftermarket headunit which make it plenty load enough depends on how load u want to go
have u tred playing with the settings and fading to back n mini h/h spatial ect that can help a bit n turn bass down it goes louder 2
Why would you want to...

make something louder than your hearing can safely respond to?

I know I'm from an older, and not always wiser, generation, but even to us it seems ridiculous overkill to have a sound system that could destroy your hearing when listened to in such an enclosed area.

I hear these super sub-woofer cars go by all the time and ask myself why. Don't you listen to music for it's own sake? Or do you do it to impress those that may be within your sphere of sound? Other than drowning out something I may want to listen to I have no objection what-so-ever of anyone who chooses to destroy their hearing. I just hope no one in our sue-crazy country tries to get money from the mfr of those systems.

Our state has a sound law that basicly states that the sound coming from a vehicle may not be heard more than 25 feet away. First offense is a ticket for around $100. It goes up with each fine. I've never heard of it being enforced and don't know how they would. Sometimes it'd be nice if those folks with those mega sound systems would think of someone other than themselves. *sigh* I would guess that's an unrealistic wish in this day and age.

I have the stock cd system that came with the car and can listen to it in all conditions just fine. I don't believe I've ever met a true audiophile that listens to music as loud as some of you do so I know the power(loudness) boost is not for enhancement of the music selection. Therefore it must be to impress someone else. Is this some sort of strange mating ritual? Is it to mark an audio territory like dogs mark their territory by urinating on shrubs and fire plugs?

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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to respond...

I drive 125 miles a day on a busy highway to and from work (75 there and 75 back) I like to drive with the windows down and the sunroof open and it would be nicer to have a louder system so I can hear it while driving 70.

I can't stand the city "boomers" either, but I would like to hear my music in my instance.
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