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HK Sound System Question

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I have a Mini Cooper S with the Harmin Kardin sound system. It supposedly has speed sensitive volume. If you hold the note button in then it displays "TON LIN" and the you are suppose to be able to adjust the speed sensitivity. I can't figure out how to adjust this. Has anybody had any luck doing this??? :(
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NO Doug

I have the same question as you and would welcome the answer from some of our clever friends out there !! ??
As it says in the (pathetic) wee leaflet for the H-K/Boost stereo - the speed-related volume is automatic on the H/K - no settings to adjust in the head unit.
Hold the note button until 'TONE LIN' appears then press the note button a couple of times in quick succession and the speed volume adjustment will come up. Then just turn the volume control to adjust to the desired setting.

Just be mindful when pressing quickly that you don't pass the speed volume and end up on the 'NAVI MIN' setting. If that happens, just start again.
I think TON LIN is short for TONE LINEAR, or something like that to indicate all the tone controls have been reset to their flat, i.e., linear position.

Easy way to check. Adjust bass, treble, etc., to off-center positions, and then do the TON LIN thang. If they recenter themselves, I'm right.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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