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I own this splendid MCS from mid 2005 and I really like it

but sometimes I wish it has more BHPs, as the engine really starts working around 3000/4000 RPM

is there any kit or way I can get around 200 BHP and more "kick" from the car without spending crazy amounts?

thanks from London

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You should be able to get around the 200bhp plus figures, by reducing the pulley size to 15% or 17%, irridium plugs, plus new CAI (air intake) and an uprated IC (GRS/JCW) That lots will be easily less than a grand if you shop around.

try ThinkMini in Worcester, or ModnMini in Kent, or 1320Mini in st neots who should all be able to give advise for these types of things.
Also Lohen in the midlands and GT Tuning down on the south coast offer tuning packages for the MCS
many of these companies mentioned are MINI2 sponsors and can be found down in the sponsors section at the bottom of the forum front page.

Good luck and happy modding. just remember though, modding is like eating pringles.......
You just cant stop :D


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I had similar mods done to my MCS in October (17% pulley, bigger intercooler, better induction, plugs, big brake kit, new lighter alloys). I thought Direct Line would tell me to find a new insurer & I was ready to go to a specialist without even phoning directline....

Anyway, I was very surprised that when I phoned them they were happy to cover the car for a very modest increase (£63 a year - this included £13 admin fee...), the less surprising part was that they new nothing about how a supercharger worked and kept asking if it was a turbocharger that had been chipped. After a chat with a supervisor, they realyed all the mods back to me and confirmed the price. The main thing was that power had not increased beyond 30% of original starting point (i.e. 170bhp starting - to a maximum of 231bhp), which i'm fairly certain my MCS will not have touched.

The revised insurance schedule arrived and it listed all the mods.

For info I have not made a claim on insurance policy since i passed my test 17 years ago... so fairly good track record & if i tell you that i passed my test at 17... then you will know how old i am...

hope this is of some use.

For the record - the specialist insurers that people tend to use for modified cars are - Greenlight and Adrian Flux.

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