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:p Thought I'd start a new post after reading a comment from Ken Shapiro in Baltimore in a "Foot catching on steering column" post in faults.

Purely in fun Ken how can the right-hand side for the steering wheel be wrong? Way before the internal combustion engine, traffic, horse, chariot you name it always past on the right.

It all stems from jousting and a man keeping a lady on his left arm so leaving his sword arm free in the event of combat.

Indeed the "new world" like the rest of the world travelled on the left of a road, until the French in a bid to confuse the English forces changed to the right during the 100 year war! Anyone going to Calais in the summer can see that it probably worked. The Americans followed suit as a sign of defiance against the English after the war of independence.

So drive on the left, pass on the right hand side, but above all remember don't pull to the side in your MINI! It's only a car but Wow what a car.:D :p
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