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Okay, I have looked here and there and searched for "print", but I found nothing useful.

I am off to the dealers in the morning and I would like to arm myself with some ammo for the usual retort "I haven't seen that problem before!".:rolleyes:

Basically, I want to print off some threads, but there would appear not to be a "Print Thread" (with/without signature option) button anywhere in the forum!
The only one I can find is the IE File/Print...and that will spread one thread page over 6 A4 pages!

Do I really have to do that?:bad:
Or do I have to Copy and Paste all the interesting bits (without sigs and adverts) into a Word doc?:bad: :bad:
There must be something easier to use...:confused:

Please help!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts