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How do I Set Duration for Leaving Radio On After Engine Turned Off?

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I recently bought myself a second-hand 2011 plate Cooper S. I live in the UK so right-hand drive. Is there a way to set the duration that the Radio/CD player stays on, after I switch off the ignition? At the moment it stays on for only 5 minutes and I keep having to push in the ignition key fob and then let it out again, to get another 5 minutes of listening when I'm sat in the car stationary. Quite frustrating. Photo of dashboard attached for info. Have tried Youtube and the manual, but to no avail (my manual doesn't say very much about my model of radio).

Thanks, Paul


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Your article is great, to do Radio On Duration after Engine Off I am also facing the same problem.
I would rather have a battery that has enough juice to start the car than listen to the radio. The shut off period is for this reason and cannot be altered.
imagine how frustrating it would be if you can start your car?
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